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        Welcome Hunan Minhe Chemical Co., Ltd.
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      Trade Name: FARIDA TEP
      Common Name: Therm Expandable Microsphere


      This product is a kind of core-shell structure.The wall material is a copolymer of acrylonitrile and itsderivatives; The core material is liquid low boiling point organic hydrocarbon.


      When the microsphere is heated to reach a certain temperature, the shell will soften with plasticity. At the same time, the low boiling core material within the microspheres will be heated and vaporized to generatepressure, to realize the foaming purpose. With properties such as stable performance, non-staining, notaffecting the curing and molding speed,this product is suitable for normal or pressurized foaming with foamevenly and ideal fine pore structure.


      Widely used in slippers, soles, insoles, plastic wallpaper, artificial leather and other fields.

      Package and Storage

      Packed in paper and plastic compound bag ,N.W.:20kg.

      Beware of dampness, keep away from heat and fire source.


      Product FARIDA TEP-F019
      Appearance White or slightly yellowish powder
      Particle size(D50) 30-40um
      T-starttemp.(°C) 140-160
      T-maxtemp.(°C) 190-200

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