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      FARIDA H-2

      Trade name: FARIDA H-2
      Common name: TMAIC
      Chemical name: Trimethallyl isocyanurate
      Formula: C15H2N3O3
      Molecular Weight: 302.5

      CAS No.: 6291-95-8

      Chemical structure:

      The appearance of FARIDAH-2 is white or slightly yellowish crystal. And it is a trifunctional triazine monomer with a very low tendency to homopolymerization and high thermal stability, Compared to other crosslinkers like TAlC, it has a lower vapour pressure even at high temperatures and is stable in the presence of water and mineralacids.

      FARIDA H-2 is a crosslinking booster for peroxide crosslinking or electron beam crosslinking of polymers with high processing temperatures. Especially, for fluoro rubber, polyamide and polyester.Crosslinking with FARIDA H-2 also improves the resistance of final products against high temperatures and/or aggressive media as they are required in automotive, aerospace, machinery and chemical processing applications.Typicalexamples are:

      1.electron beam crosslinking of PA 6,PA 12 or PBT to improve compression set,E-modulus (Elastic Modulus)aging properties and chemicalresistance.

      2. peroxide crosslinking of FKM' s to improve mechanical properties of products that have to withstand very aggressive media like biodiesel(e.g. fuel hoses) and meet highest automotive standards.

      Packaging and transportation
      Outer packing: 20kgs/carton
      Inner packing: 10kgs/PE bag


      Item Standard
      Appearance White or yellowish powder
      Content(%) Min. 98.0
      Melting point (℃) 80~85

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