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      Trade name: FARIDA TMPTMA
      Common name: TMPTMA
      Chemical name: Trimethylolpropane Trimethacrylate
      Formula: C18H26O6

      Molecular Weight: 338.40

      CAS No.: 3290-92-4

      Chemical Structure

      Insoluble in water and alcohol, soluble in aromatic solvents.

      FARIDA TMPTMA is widely used as the active curing coagent for a variety of special rubbers and thermoplastics (such as EPR,EPDM,FPM, silicon rubber, EVA and CPE),the insulating material for microelectronics products,the crosslinking agent for special ion-exchange resins, and the impact modifier and modified monomer for copolymers, etc.. lt not only can reduce the curing time and increase the curing and crosslinking density significantly, but also can reduce the dosage of DCP, and improve the mechanical and optical properties, the resistance for abrasion, heat, moisture, weather, solvent,impact,radiation, oxidation, corrosion and fire,and the electricalinsulation properties of products.

      FARIDA TMPTMA is widely used especially in the field of irradiation crosslinking.

      Package and Storage
      For liquid FARIDA TMPTMA, 25KGS/plastic drum with deep color or 200KGS/metal drum, Stored in roomtemperature.Keep awayfrom antioxidants and free radicals. Avoid direct sunlight, Containers should havesufficient space to meetthe needs ofinhibitorfor oxygen.

      For FARIDA TMPTMA-P,packed in paper-plastic compound bag,N.W.: 25kg.

      Stored andtransported as non-toxic and non-dangerous goods.Works bestin 6 months.


      Appearance Colorless or yellowish clear liquid White powder
      Acid Value (mgKOH/g) ≤0.2 -
      Hue (Pt-Co) ≤50 -
      Moisture (%) ≤0.2 -

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      Contact: Mr Zhou 13874840114
      Tel: +86-731-83628758 Fax: +86-731-83646101
      E-mail: minhe@fr-china.com
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