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        Welcome Hunan Minhe Chemical Co., Ltd.
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      FARIDA P90

      Trade name: FARIDA P90

      Partly dissolved in halogenated hydrocarbons, acetonum, insoluble in alkanes, alcohols and water.

      * P90 is mainly used in heat-resistant plastics and rubbers, such as special rubbers and plastics including ethylene-propylene rubber, fluorine rubber, fluorine plastics and CPE, etc.. Not only can be used in combination with peroxides, but also can be used as irradiation crosslinking agent with more significant effects in irradiated crosslinking systems;
      * Due to no softening point, P90 can be used as crosslinking agent for engineering plastics formed by molded sintering, such as ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene and polytetrafluoroethylene;
      * When used in engineering thermoplastics, will not significantly reduce the system’s viscosity during processing, and material slipping behavior will not occur in the barrel.

      Packaging and transportation
      Packed in paper and plastic compound bags, N.W.: 20kg.
      Stored and transported as non-dangerous goods. Avoid high temperature.


      Product FARIDA P90
      Appearance White powder
      Active content (%) ≥98
      Softening point  () ﹥200
      Bromine value ( g.100 g- 1) 100~140

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